Do's and Dont's of Uploading Photos

Uploading photos in your provider profile

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The Do's and Dont's of Uploading Photos in your Provider Profile

  • Clear and bright

  • Good lighting

  • Friendly body posture

  • Smiling

  • Activities or art work that you've done with the children in your program

  • Colorful and bright

  • Your child care space (reading, arts & crafts, outdoors, etc.)

  • Close-ups

  • Dark or blurry

  • Selfies with filters, text, emojis, hats, sunglasses, etc.

  • Blurry

  • Overly bright

  • Unrecognizable

  • Dark or distorted

  • Dirty or messy areas

  • Displaying sensitive info (ID's, passport, home address, etc.)

  • Unprofessional settings

In your provider portal, you will be able to upload two images:

Environment and Staff

Photo #1: Environment

This photo will be displayed in the provider result search and at the top of your provider profile.

Photo #2: Staff

This photo will be displayed on your "About Me" section.

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